The Blog of Small Things, Musical

1. Hindustani Classical Music Recipes

a. Slipping over a Raga

b. Rare Ragas

c. The Power of Lyrics

d. The Singer-songwriter

2. Theories

a. Music and Other Art Forms

b. Music in the Post-truth Universe

c. Our Myths and  Cognitive Biases

d. Our Links: Jazz, Arabic and Western Classical

3. RaagRuchi – My Academy

a. A Residential Gurukul

b. Learning the Hard Way

c. Kotali Bandish Library

4. Paramparik – A Socio-cultural Experiment

a. Paramparik Center for Music, Arts and Cultural Studies

b. The Origin Story

c. Our Extensive Social Work

d. Annual Classical Conference

5. In a Nutshell

a. My Backstory

b. Kotali Gharana

c. Books and Albums

6. RaagRuchi Academy

7. Paramparik Cultural Center

9. My Disciples

10. Books & Media

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